Mom's Love Rub

Delicious, Delectable, and Dehydrated!

Dehydrating…a thing of the past? 

Whether you're interested in putting up food for your family, preparing your own meals for a camping trip or a hiking adventure, adding to your stash for a rainy day, or just starting a storehouse of food, dehydrating offers something for everyone. 

Learn about the current methods of preserving foods and explore the many reasons people are drying food today!  You'll discover how to preserve the bounty from your garden and provide healthy treats you’ve made from scratch. From apples to zucchini, explore the fruits you’d expect, the veggies you love and surprising snacks like dehydrated cake! You’ll also learn how to properly prepare and store foods for maximum freshness. 

 Maybe you're familiar with common dried fruits but you need a little more inspiration.  What do you do with a dehydrator once you own one?  This book will inspire you to make more than just common dried foods.  You'll create things that are useful in your kitchen while increasing the stash that will sustain you through winter or difficult times.

I keep my dry foods in canning jars on a shelf in my kitchen for easy access.  Seeing them means I use them more often.  Here are some of the jars I used at a recent class I taught.